David Ranucci and his love for Italian cuisine bring to Miami the best Italian food served in the beautiful Osteria Baiocco.

Located in one of the city’s trendiest districts – the MiMo, the restaurant is built inside an old colonial style villa, whose furniture is born from the union of the traditional characteristics of Italian taverns with modern elements, thus creating an environment sophisticated and international. But it’s not only beautiful, at the Osteria Baiocco you’ll find the best Italian food in Miami. The menu is complete with appetizers, homemade pasta, side dishes, main courses and desserts that completely follow the Italian tradition: we find for example the fried Romans, the potato gnocchi all’amatriciana or the saltimbocca alla romana. Even the wine list is completely of Italian origin, giving us the opportunity to taste a good Chianti. One of its peculiarities is the accuracy used for the research of the ingredients: these can be directly imported from Italy, or selected among the best American producers, with the most similar characteristics to our products made in Italy.

The best Italian food in Miami brings the traditions and flavors of the recipes of the Roman, Tuscan and Umbrian territory to the tables of the overseas, thus giving new life to the culinary traditions of central Italy, which can now be enjoyed in America.

This fantastic restaurant, with its typically Italian atmospheres and flavors, was born thanks to David Ranucci, also called “the Roman host” and a worthy heir to a family of hosts for over a hundred years. His decades of experience in the restaurant industry is well known, and so is his mission to bring Roman cuisine to the world, thus turning the name Ranucci into a synonym of quality.

To feel a bit ‘the flavors of home, or to try new dishes, one thing is certain: the best Italian food Miami you will find it only from Osteria Baiocco.

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