The journey that goods make on container ships is something epic, they sail the oceans and, slowly but with determination, arrive at the ports of destination. It is the basis of our consumer society: goods shipped from China that we use every day, but we don’t care about their long journey to reach us. There are the ports of embarkation and then the ports where the containers are unloaded and inspected before being cleared through customs. In Italy this activity takes place on a daily basis, as its ports are geographically an important arrival point.

The maritime sector inspection is a job that takes place daily in the ports where goods travel on board containers, and ICS Project is a company that deals with this on a daily basis: check the goods, their condition, their quality and any damage. due to incorrect handling.

ICS Project is based in Silea, in Veneto, in a strategic position for the arrival of cargo in the upper Adriatic and this has meant that the inspection of the maritime sector was one of the first areas of development of the activity of this company that of control , audit and inspection did its business.

The activity in the maritime sector of ICS Project mainly consists in monitoring the loading and unloading of goods for the related checks of suitability of the hold and for the analysis of the lashing and fixing phases.ICS Project also carries out appraisals and verifications of accidental damage due to handling or inexperience.The technicians and inspectors are in possession of ministerial passes that allow access, without further documentation, to all Italian port areas. Therefore, the main fields of the ICS Project are: verification of holds, stowage assistance, suitability of fixings, control of goods on the quay, state of affairs, sampling for loads of flours / cereals, stowage of container ships, verification of any damage occurred during the trip.

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